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Alan Clay's books are published by Artmedia Publishing in Sydney. Artmedia are building a community of interest in contemporary Australian and New Zealand Literary & Performing Arts. Artmedia have three arms to the publishing program: publishing web-sites, publishing two e-mail newsletters, and publishing books in Print On Demand and e-Book formats.

The Internet is an interactive medium, and just like a poster, it's important where you put your web promotion. Artmedia are electronic publishers, publishing on the net, and through e-mail newsletters. Here's how you can join in.

Newsletter Advertising and Sponsorship

Aus$50 buys 3 paragraphs of promotion in either the Artmedia e-publishing newsletter, or the physical Theatre newsletter. Sponsorship of either newsletter offers 7 paragraphs of copy at the top, plus subject line mention, and is valued at Aus$200. Check out the archive of our quarterly e-publishing newsletter , or the archive of our monthly physical theatre newsletter .  

Web Site Publishing

site2.JPG (92112 bytes)We publish your information at artmedia.com.au, update the information at no extra charge, and maintain your traffic through search engine submission and our growing links. After four years of building links with like minded sites, and developing search-engine-friendly pages, the Artmedia pages are now consistently placed at the top of the list by the search engines. Page creation ( Aus$60 a page ) and publishing service ( Aus$30 a month, paid 6 months in advance ).

Special Web Site Promotion

As a special promotion, Artmedia are offering free page set up ( normally Aus$60 ) and only Aus$20 a month, to put one page of information on the Artmedia site.

If you have your own site, this is perfect as a news page, to directing traffic from artmedia to your site, and if you do not yet have a site, this is a great way to start promoting your stuff on the net. If you want muiltiple pages on the Artmedia site, it is just Aus$30 a month, no matter how many you have.

On either deal, we maintain your listings in the search engines and build traffic through our links with like minded sites and through this newsletter, and you can update your information as often as you like, at no extra cost.

e-Mail us at epublish[at]artmedia[dot]com[dot]au to discuss your needs. Graphic and text files can be transferred by e-mail for inclusion in your site, or you can send your material by mail.

This site published by Artmedia Publishing The content of this site is copyright, and no part may be reproduced or transmitted for commercial purposes, without the prior permission in writing from the publishers.

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Building a community of interest in contemporary Australian and New Zealand literary and Performing Arts - Click on this link to find other similar sites.

last updated 01 November 2013