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While you are here, check out the other alanclay.com links pages for writing and clown resources worldwide. We also have links to Writing Resources and On-line Magazines. Also links to Clown Festivals, Clowns, Clown Training and Clown Resources.

Writing Festivals

Auckland Writers and Readers Festival   NZ

National Poetry Week     Australia

Winnipeg International Writers Festival   Canada

Ottawa International Writers Festival   Canada

Putnam Storytelling Festival   New York State


Writers Groups

Poets Union   Australia

PEN Washington    Seattle, USA

NSW Writers Centre

Tasmanian Writers Centre

Fellowship of Australian Writers     WA

Poetry Society      London

Poetry Project    Manhattan



John Marsden   Australia

Sam Vaknin   Macedonia

Sean Alonzo  

Stephen Oliver

Brett Axel       New York

Peter Nicholson     Sydney

Ian Irvine     Bedigo

Damien Broderick    Melbourne

Celia Ann Leaman    British Columbia, Canada

John Tranter    Sydney

Les Wicks      Sydney  

Colin Thompson      

Coral Hull    Sydney

Goldie Alexander     Melbourne

Patti Miller     NSW

Wendy Laing

Hazel Edwards     Victoria

Rosanne Dingli     Perth

Bob Rich     Victoria

Catherine Basilicata    Sydney

Leta Nolan Childers     USA

Helen Jamieson     NZ / UK

Joanie MacNeil      Canberra

Alan Brooker    Dargaville

SallyOdgers    Tasmania

Billy Marshall Stoneking    Aust / USA

Richard James Allen     Sydney

Stephen Nachmanovitch     California



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Order Believers in Love now from bookshops worldwide, or from online stores     

Dance Sisters, e-book download in Microsoft Reader format

Dance Sisters the 'brilliant second novel' from Alan Clay has been released in Print on Demand - electronic publishing that reaches you as a printed book. "Dance Sisters tells the story of a female song and dance trio in Sydney which threatens to self-destruct on the brink of fame, when its leader becomes involved with a cult, touting astrology and virtual dreaming"



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